My Internet Persona

This is always an eye opener for me.  I don’t Google my name very often, though when I do, I’m always surprised by what I find.

It all started with a Google search:

Most of the profiles there were what I expected to find. My YouTube page, my professional portfolio, and my Twitter page were a given. The one thing that did surprise me was my ResearchGate page.

I created that account in my final year of study during my Kinesiology degree so that I could still see the research my professors were working on. Good intentions on my part, though I haven’t used it since.

Furthermore, I forgot that I had created a Pinterest page too. I mostly use this to find ideas for lesson planning and it has been quite helpful, in my experience. To my surprise, I have 27 followers! Go me!

And lastly, the thing that I always forget about is the picture that was taken of my girlfriend and I at a Ukrainian Christmas party in 2015.

So what do all these forms of social media say about me?

In my opinion, I’d say that I come off okay. I don’t see any red flags and I think that any prospective employer would be happy to see that I have a clean digital footprint. One thing that I’ve come to understand about the education system is that Twitter is a platform that is held in high regard. Assuming that, I think that that would be one of the first clicks for the person sleuthing me.  Because of my assumption, I have used Twitter as a means to display my professional qualities.

I think that I’ve done a good job of illustrating the way that I conduct myself professionally. Just by looking through quickly, I think my profile shows that I am passionate about teaching in an informed, authentic, creative, and fun way. Just take a look — do you see something different?

Additionally, the sleuth has access to my professional portfolio through my Twitter account.

Personally, I think that my professional portfolio is an extension of the way that I am professionally.

It’s my hope that if an employer is looking into me, they will stumble across my Twitter and portfolio.

Lastly, I’m sure you’re asking “what about Facebook?” Yes, I have Facebook and I was quite satisfied when I wasn’t able to find myself. When I was starting my pre-internship I took the time to change my name and privacy settings so that I would not be so easily found by someone. I’m not completely invisible, though I’m not easily found, which is exactly where I want to be. In my opinion, Facebook is my most personal social media account, and therefore it is my most private. I do not have anything incriminating on there, this is just where my comfort level is, so I choose to hide in the background.

Feel free to sleuth me! Can you find anything else?





5 thoughts on “My Internet Persona

  1. Hey Cody! I find your perspective on Facebook privacy settings to be very interesting because I understand your desire for a bit of privacy, especially considering Facebook is usually the first social media platform that students search their teachers on (or at least in my experience). I also think Googling yourself was a great start! This reminded me of the cyber sleuthing exercise we did in EDTC 300, would you agree? Anyways, I think you seem to have a great online presence!


    • Thanks, Lauren! Ya, I basically followed the same process as the cyber sleuthing activity that we did in the spring for EDTC 300. It’s always entertaining to see what pops up. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!


  2. Hi Cody, your blog post was well organized and included many pictures that broke up the text that made for a very easy read! I found it interesting, as Lauren stated your perspective on Facebook was very interesting. I find myself conflicted if I want to keep my Facebook and Instagram accounts private, so it was nice to see a different perspective on the topic.


  3. Hey Cody,
    I went sleuthing around your blog and it seems to be very professional. I really enjoyed how you have added pages and posts about your journey as a teacher. It demonstrates growth. I think it’s great how you have maintained a Facebook account but changed your name (even if just a little). It lets others know about your online presence but keeps your life away from your students unless they find out your Facebook account. After reading your Facebook name change, I’m starting to wonder if I should change my name a little bit on my accounts to make them a little more private but I am not sure since I do not post a lot to begin with.
    Until next time,


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