My Feedly Account

I never knew Feedly existed and it’s definitely something I wish I knew about sooner. I love the fact that information from great sources can be accessed so quickly and easily.

I took about five minutes to search a few big keywords that I wanted to have information for. Education, technology, science, teachers were some of the categories I had rapidly looked through. Two blogs in particular really piqued my interest – Ted Talks Daily and These are two resources that I love to use for when I need brain stimulation. I’m sure you’ve heard of Ted Talks, though just in case you haven’t, here’s the gist. Ted Talks offers a wide variety of subject areas in which experts in a particular field discuss their research. My favourite topics typically include psychology and biology, though I deviate quite often. These talks typically allow the viewer to see different perspectives on the matter and are exposed to current research, as long as their viewing is timely. As for, probably the lesser known of the two, it follows a similar idea, though it can be harder to dive into., again, offers the reader the ability to read articles that discuss the latest research in the field of your choosing. For me, typically I choose psychology and biology, though astronomy can rope me in as well.

I have described both Ted Talks and because they are valuable to use for a variety of reasons. Though they are not advertised as specific teacher resources, I like that they employ the use of experts and are research based when it comes to the information they offer. The biggest benefit, I feel, is that these resources offer the consumer a chance to inquire about whatever it is they want. As a future teacher, this concept excites me. I love to find resources like these where I can spend hours reading and viewing the things that interest me. In a perfect world, my students would do the same during inquiry projects or genius hours. What do you think?

Here is a picture of my Feedly page. I’m open to suggestions about other great blogs!



Hello EDTC 300!

My name is Cody Biever and I am a third year middle years student. As I’ve said before, I am a BEAD student and have a Kinesiology degree from the U of R. I am taking 3 spring classes right now and am feeling the pressure already! My plan is to fnish internship in the fall and start substituting in the winter. Hopefully that will work out for me!

Although I have always been comfortable with technology, I have shied away from  blogging and leaving a trail of my thoughts, feelings, and opinions online. I do not see anything inherently wrong with it, as long as your posts are professional, though I have always felt it to be too public for my liking. If you were to search for my personal social media accounts you would probably find them (Twitter and WordPress to name a few), though you would find very little visible activity — I am more a lurker than anything else. So far, my experience with blogging has been for university. I have been in classes where we are required to blog about the things we are doing and I have even been asked to create an e-portfolio for future employers to see. I do agree with having an online presence, especially in the perspective of professional portfolios, just currently, it is out of my comfort zone, but I’m sure I’ll come around. The articles we had read for last class help as they illustrate great points about the evolving professional world. It will be interesting to see how the hiring process will work in the next twenty years.

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