About Me


My name is Cody Biever. I am currently studying Education at the University of Regina focusing on Middle Years Education. I am an After Degree student and I attained my first degree in Kinesiology in 2016, also from the U of R. I have had a number of people ask me why I wanted to become a teacher and the honest answer is that it’s the only career I’ve ever seen myself doing. I also think my job history speaks for itself, from teaching swimming lessons, to coaching, and personal training — they all carry an inherent aspect of teaching. As if that wasn’t enough to convince myself, I also took a year off between degrees and worked as an Instructional Assistant for the Catholic School Board in Regina and had a blast working with students of all ages! As of today, I have just finished my internship at Wascana Plains School in Regina, which went so much better than I could have hoped for and flew by before I knew it. I am sure that the start of my career will be nothing short of great!